It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Given our crazy work schedules and tons of meetings, this statement has never been true. Furthermore, you need a meal that will keep you fresh-eyed all day long, not lethargic and full. To further complicate and narrow down the list, the breakfast option must be healthy! (We have to watch out for those carbs!)

That said, let’s ready our pans and stoves for the following breakfast options.

Paleo Blueberry Muffins

You must be thinking? Carbs right off the bat? Believe it or not, this is one of the healthiest muffins to be created in the existence of making. For this delicious option, mix some coconut flour, eggs, and blueberries. Not only is the taste to die for but the golden-brown muffins will have you full all the way to lunch.

Samoa Oatmeal

Oatmeal is guaranteed to be a healthy meal, however, you create it. It is a dish that will last you till the penultimate minute of lunch. If you want to stay focused on your desk, this comes highly recommended. For oatmeal though, you have to flavor to taste. Why not add in everyone’s favorite cheat snack? Samoa. The Girl Scout Cookie will add in a crunchy taste and also some sugar. Healthy enthusiasts can choose to add some homemade banana coffee chip cookies.

Classic Omelette

Eggs are a staple meal in most families and households. Their high protein content will keep you feeling energetic and buzzing all day long. To change things up and increase the ‘filling’ factor of a traditional egg dish, consider an omelet. Over the runny eggs, add in some diced tomato, spinach, mushroom, and onion. Once cooked and almost fully set, gently roll it up and there you go.

For the finishing touches, you can sprinkle some nira chive. The unique taste leaves quite the aftertaste in your mouth.

Low-Carb Egg White Omelette

While we are still on the topic of eggs, let’s look at a different way of cooking eggs. As the name suggests, you will only be using the white of the egg. You can save up the yolk for another day.

What makes this breakfast recipe unique is the add-ins. Apart from the eggs and peppers, you will also need some lime juice, avocado, and Greek yogurt. This is known as an avocado dressing. Once you get a taste of this meal, you are bound to be hooked.

Avocado Toast

Everyone has their poison when it comes to additions on toast. A recommended option if you haven’t tried yet is avocado. Avocado is nutritious, filling, and has natural fat that your body will convert to energy all day long.


The above options are easy and low cost to make. Even when you are in a rush, you can set apart a few minutes for a quick breakfast. The effort will go a long way, almost the whole day.