What is an AR filter?

Augmented reality (AR) is a virtual experience that enables you to explore the real-world environment with digital images. Instagram’s AR filter works similarly- they change or enhance what the camera would normally capture. From a simple color enhancement to a virtual quiz-like game. AR filter capabilities keep getting better.

Why has a custom AR filter been created?

When you create a custom AR filter on Instagram, connect the brand and account to your filter, and anyone who uses or contacts your filter will see your brand information. The reasons to make use of custom AR filters are:


It is a noteworthy benefit. The engagement produced by your brand is matchless with this uncommonly shareable factor.


Once an Instagram story is published with your AR filter, it can be easily accessed by users’ followers, resulting in your brand and page interaction.


Face filters, makeup filters, games, 2D/3D objects, test products, background effects, and more. AR filters are speeding up and becoming lively. And AR filters available to brands are constantly expanding. You can easily access the filters you like.


AR filters can generate millions of effects and shares, and Instagram provides entry to in-depth analytics, which helps you understand your audience completely.

How can brands use AR filters to boost their personality?

For branded AR filters, you can now identify your business associate (that is, your brand ambassador or influencer) with a tag that says “paid partnership with” and the associate’s name. Your partner can also view your story metrics.

This feature has found an advanced impulse to enhance the brand’s personality through Facebook’s Spark AR Studio, launched in August 2019, enabling users to develop customized AR filters for Instagram and Facebook stories. According to Instagram, a third of the most viewable stories come from companies, and over 200 million people visit the business account each day. Since AR filters look entertaining and have upbeat features, any particular concept can attract customers and frame brand loyalty. AR filters are an excellent way to imitate a brand’s voice and distinguish you from your competitors. You can add your brand label to an AR filter or generate an AR filter so that the users can virtually try out a product to help them buy. Also, your company can produce custom filters for your brand to show social support. And in case you want to widen your customer base and boost your brand recognition, you can use some reputable growth services like SimplyGram.


The AR filters help brands connect with their users very easily. Instagram stories are used as a source for brands to interact with their clients. And brand customized AR filters are the up-to-date and stylish element in the Instagram stories, making them aesthetic and appealing. If your filter has not been advertised, it will automatically appear in the Instagram effects gallery. It’s only a matter of time before your one-of-a-kind face filter view can make your business flourish.