2021 (and 2020 in general) has been a hard year worldwide due to the effects of the pandemic. But despite it all, we need to immerse ourselves in the little things that define us. And what defines us better than what we wear? By styling up in the wearable fashion trends of summer 2021, you can alleviate the mood in your house.

Give yourself a much-deserved break and check out the following fashion trends.

Oversized Boyfriend Jackets

The oversized boyfriend jacket look is inspired by the famous 80s look. The fashion trend is meant to create a long line of your outline, accentuating your legs and your small waist.

To pull it off, you will need to acquire some shoulder pads since most ladies have thinner upper bodies. A pair of leather shorts or leg trousers will work perfectly. Brazen colors are preferred to bring in the modern look to the 80s trend. The result is a smooth, chic look.

Face masks

The face mask has been a symbol of caution and protection. While they are used to curb the spread of the pandemic, they can also be matched to your outfit. Black face masks have a very sleek look and can match easily will almost any outfit. For that sleek look, choose a mask with a silky material. Silk face masks are also easier to breathe in.

Face masks are a very conspicuous part of your outfit. It covers your nose and mouth, serving as an obstacle for your makeup. That’s why the black face mask was introduced.

We recommend that you pair up the black face mask with a shouting top like a blue trench coat or red jacket. This will accentuate the clash of colors making you look glam.

Head Scarfs

Head scarfs were a big hit half a century ago and it seems that the trend is coming back in an even bigger way. A headscarf can prove to be the perfect way to completing an outfit while also protecting your hair. Another advantage with headscarves is that they come in almost every design under the sun; from intricate patterns to florals to mono-colored ones.

When it comes to styling, you can consider tying it below your chin loosely or let it dangle off the back. Wrapping it around your neck is also an option.

Sorber Pastel tones

Summer 2021 has been dominated by pastel tones. Bright colors do well during the summer when simple is often best. Sorbet Pastel tones are an ideal option and also blend with a wide range of skin tones.

When pairing up your sorbet pastel tones, consider a soft, buttery suit or a cool mint trench coat.

Yellow bags

For some unknown reason, yellow bags have taken the streets by storm. Fashion lovers should find it relatively easy to replicate and style this up to suit their tastes and preferences.

A monochromatic ensemble comes highly recommended. You can also choose an all-white outfit partnered with an amber bag.