Are you someone who runs their account but constantly forgets or lacks time to post consistently? Did you know you can have your posts scheduled, and they will be uploaded when the time you scheduled comes?

This is a good way, to complement your organic Instagram growth service. You will use the minimal time to do follow-ups now and then, in addition, you do not have to set reminders and post content in the middle of something else that you do. For example, work or babysitting.

Did you know being active on Instagram can gain you, new followers? Let’s say you are running a business, you can grow the account by consistently posting stories about the products on sale. Learn how to use Instagram stories to grow your business by planning and scheduling them.

How to plan and schedule Instagram stories

Scheduling Instagram stories doesn’t have to be a complicated and time-consuming process. It all starts with planning your content.

– Prioritize the best times for your audience

– Write out a rough draft of what you want to say

– Figure out how many pictures or videos you need

– Share your plan with friends or colleagues for feedback

– Share your finalized story on Instagram

Benefits of scheduling Instagram stories

Scheduling Instagram stories is a great way to be more active on the channel and have time to focus on other aspects of your business. It also doesn’t require a lot of time or energy to post now and then. This makes it very appealing when you need help growing your business page.

On top of that, you might find it easier to keep up with your content if you’re not constantly thinking about posting all the time. You can do this by scheduling posts, so they go up at specific times, which makes it easier for you to take breaks between posts. With Instagram’s new update, you can also schedule Stories, so they automatically post without any work from you!

This can be great for people who want to cut back on their social media usage, but still want their accounts to stay fresh in followers’ feeds. All they’ll need to do is set the day and time for the post and let Instagram handle the rest!

It’s worth noting that this feature won’t allow users to schedule Stories in advance, but the feature will send them a notification when it’s time for their Story to go live.

How to grow your business using Instagram stories

Instagram stories are an easy, effective way to grow your business. If you’re new to Instagram and want to learn more about how to use Instagram stories for marketing your company, here is a step-by-step guide to help you out.

– Create a username for your account

– Create a profile image that reflects your brand or product

– Write a profile bio with relevant information about your company

– Set up a plan of what type of content you will post

– Choose which days and times you will post

– Plan and schedule your posts in advance, so they are ready when you need them without taking up too much time

– Post regularly, but not too often (once or twice per day is plenty)

When to schedule Instagram stories

The best time to schedule your Instagram stories is when you have a good idea of what they will be. If you do not know what kind of content you are going to post, it might be better to wait until the day before scheduling them. It is also a good idea that if you are posting on a specific schedule, like 3 times a week, then schedule them in advance, so they will not overlap and mess up your organic growth service.